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MathsGee is Zero-Rated (You do not need data to access) on: Telkom |Dimension Data | Rain | MWEB

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Why do we tend to accept any personality feedback as true, regardless of validity?
in Data Science by Diamond (64,808 points) | 35 views

1 Answer

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According to Tobacyk & Milford (1988), the Forer effect (or Barnum effect) is to the tendency to accept generic personal feedback, even if it consists of trivial, general and vague statements, as being highly accurate as if the information has been written specifically for this person.

In 1989, Bertram R. Forer published a study on the fallacy of personal validation in which he successfully made his 39 students believe that randomly generated personal profiles (mostly taken from astronomy books) were written just for them.

by Diamond (64,808 points)

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