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What are the applications of people/hr analytics in employee recruitment?
in Data Science by Diamond (55,508 points) | 29 views

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Organizations need to first determine who their ideal candidate is and what skills are needed for the job. This can be discovered through discussions with hiring managers, analysis of previously successful hires, and available market data.

Organizations can then match their need to where the largest pool of applicants with that skillset resides. For example, the best cities for PR jobs according to Forbes are Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., so a recruiter may want to focus efforts in these cities if they aren’t able to find local talent for the job.

Likewise, a recruiter may look at college graduate data to see where the best new talent is if they need to fill an entry-level position. Talent acquisition teams also need to adopt channel optimization strategies based on recruitment analytics. A continuous process of evaluating which channels drive the best candidates at the most efficient price is extremely important. Data analytics may reveal one source has a lower cost per applicant, while another may provide the best talent.

People analytics can also be used to craft the best recruitment message to the right candidate based on internal, open-source, and third-party data. This is all data that HR analytics platforms can consume and transform into easily digestible formats such as dashboards and charts. Recruitment relies heavily on metrics gathered during the interview process. Important metrics include:

  • Average number of applicants
  • Number of applications to offer
  • Scheduled maintenance windows for system patching, security updates, and AWS infrastructure management
  • Number of final rounds to offer
  • Offer acceptance rate

Over time, People analysts can also see which candidate characteristics predict the best employees. Pre-screen exams are often used to test candidates, and analytics can help determine what types of questions these exams should contain. For example, a candidate who applied for a Python developer role can be asked a series of questions to assess competence within the program.


by Diamond (55,508 points)

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